The Circle of God’s Love

We have so many wonderful friends – organizations, churches and individuals – who regularly support us here that it is truly humbling. Tommy, new to our Program, was asked this week to go with Kitchen Manager Rich to pick up some food donations. He was overwhelmed by the love folks have for us and the wonderful things they gave us. Tommy told me how exciting it is being part of something so special and it motivates him to succeed in his recovery!
Today I received a note from another of our good friends. She coordinates a variety of activities on our behalf at her church and noted that all her volunteers agree – they always receive far more than they give. She calls it “the circle of God’s love” and then related her own story.
HUM graduate staff member Jon, who works closely with her, observed her sinking emotionally. They talked about her difficulties at work and he committed to support to her during this time. Jon prayed and got Dave, another graduate staff member, to pray for her regularly. In addition, daily John forwarded 3 devotional thoughts to help her get up and go. 
She said some morning she didn’t think she could make herself go to work, but read what Jon sent and found strength. One in particular became her mantra – “pray fervently and be patient because God already has the answer!” About the time she decided she couldn’t take any more, God did a big-time miracle and everything changed! 
She said it this way, “I can’t imagine how I would have lasted without the fellowship I received from Helping Up Mission. The men I came to help – once at rock-bottom with no reason to live, themselves – rose up, reached out and helped me. A true circle of God’s love.”
One Friend at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director