Dental Extraction Day 2013

Helping Up Mission is a great place to work. HUM staff member James Hill send out this message on Sunday evening. 

I always say that Helping Up Mission Community Partners are worth their weight in gold! The following is another example from a Community Partnership that gives support to my statement:

Dr.  Nancy Ward (of Ward, Byrne, & Conklin Dental Group and The University of Maryland Dental School)  has been a Helping Up Mission Community Partner since 2006. Yesterday, Dr. Ward assembled a group of dental professionals in her Towson office. The dental team provided pro bono dental treatment to twenty-one Helping Up Mission Clients. Each patient received an exam and x-rays;  a total of 115 teeth were extracted.

The services that were provided yesterday by Dr. Ward and her team are invaluable to our clients. Improved dental health also increases our clients’ self esteem as they move into the work force and transition back into mainstream society.

Since 2006 –  Dr. Ward (with the help of her colleagues and through The University of Maryland Dental School) has advocated and helped to provide over $1 million in dental care to our clients.

This Community Partnership is certainly worth its weight in gold.

I have attached the Team Picture from yesterday’s event (derived from my Facebook page). For those persons with a Facebook Account, you may log on to The Ward, Byrne, & Conklin Facebook Page. Feel free to show your appreciation to Dr. Ward by Liking it and Sharing the Posting.

James Hill

Client Services Manager  

Thank to you, James (and David and other HUM folks), for your efforts to make this event happen! It was it!

One Tooth at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director