Happy 2013

Heard on the radio this morning that we just went over the Fiscal Cliff! Happy New Year to us!

For Helping Up Mission and me, personally, 2012 was a pretty tumultuous year. Lots of changes and challenges. The final building on our campus was renovated and filled with guys. Then we had to do some unplanned renovations to other buildings. We’ve had a number of staff members go this year – and others come. Some of us have had job changes and new responsibilities here. 

It has been a year when we’ve said our final farewells to the largest number of HUM graduates since I started here 14 years ago. It’s also been the most encouraging year, for me, as we look toward the future.

I know many of you suffered some difficult losses in 2012. I officiated at the memorial service of a long-time church friend just last Saturday. And if there is no God, then I have nothing to offer you. 

But I have read enough, seen enough and experienced enough to say to you that the God of the Bible is alive and well! In the midst of struggles I see people finding hope, answers and empowerment that can only be described as supernatural – the kind of things you would expect if there really was a God!

So, we don’t need to fear or try to hide from 2013. No doubt it will bring additional changes, struggles and losses – but our God reigns! A good word tweeted by Rick Warren on 12/31/12 was, “Pain and loss are inevitable in life. Misery is optional.” I’m all in, hope you can see your way clear to join me.

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director