Redskins, Ravens and Me

I have been a Washington Redskins fan for 3 decades. It is well-known around here that I can’t watch my football team play – because I get too worked up. It’s part of my disease and my recovery program involves abstinence. I don’t watch (well, maybe a little).

So last weekend my wife, Gayle, and I watched the Ravens game together. She’s never cared for football but fell in love with the Ravens after seeing all they have done for the guys at HUM. She is now a full-blown Ravens fan and was thrilled with the outcome. I was glad, too, but don’t have the neurotic emotional investment in them that I do with the Redskins.

So, when the Redskins came on later last Sunday Gayle was willing to watch – but I couldn’t!  So we watched PBS instead – although I did manage a peek late in the first half.  Didn’t even know what happened till I woke up Monday morning and checked. 

It was my funnest (!) season as a Skins fan for years and I just hope RG3 will be okay. But today – go Ravens! I texted Ravens Coach Craig to go get those Broncos and am planning to watch them do it!

One Game at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director