HUM Time

One of the things I like about my job at Helping Up Mission is being able to participate in the life-changing process that so many guys experience here.

Admittedly, guys come and go – often not under the best of circumstances.  But, I frequently hear from undergraduates who left early and never finished our 12-month Spiritual Recovery Program. They share that they are clean today because they found some things here which continued to impact their lives long after they left us.  I’ve heard it enough times to know its true!

Guys who do stay and graduate have taken the opportunity to sit still and practice what they are learning.  Again, some try harder than others, but changes begin to happen during that year – changes that others can see.  Many times, I just have to say its supernatural!

Some grads stay on here as staff.  Last week we prayed for graduate staff Frank and his family at the passing of his daughter-in-law.  Admitting his powerlessness in front of all the guys in Friday’s chapel service, Frank found the strength to carry on.  This week he shared how grateful he was for the support he received when he needed it.

Three years ago last month graduate staff Rasheed arrived at HUM.  Today, he has just about finished his AA degree. 

Three years ago today Pat arrived here, did a week of detox, graduated and joined the HUM staff.  We brought a dozen new guys into our program today – maybe there’s a new staff member among them, too!

I love my job!

One Life at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director