Blessed Bill

Bill’s a bright young guy with a college degree and a number of professional certifications. He arrived at Helping Up Mission 3 months ago, after an intervention initiated by his family. Used to living on his own and making his own decisions, it was not easy for Bill to settle down in our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program. 

He didn’t want to be here, didn’t like the rules and didn’t want anyone here telling him what he could or couldn’t do. Not a happy camper, Bill decided he would leave the day he got off blackout – his 46th day in the Program. Not exactly sure where he would go or what he would do, he was certain it wasn’t going to be here!

Bill’s 3rd week at HUM was particularly difficult. Wrestling with issues both inside and outside the building, he found himself powerless over it all – and that made him feel even worse.

But in his 4th week here, Bill experienced a moment of clarity. Agitated that he was not allowed to use a particular doorway, he did have the thought that he was reasonably well-fed, had a comfortable place to sleep and had all his basic needs met.

Bill began to relax a bit and other things began to look different, too. The next thing he knew, he was off restriction – when he planned to leave – but now had no burning desire to go, and still didn’t have a good place to go or anything planned to do.

Bill began attending 12 Step meetings off campus and realized just how much help he still needed.  Today he assists me, has developed good relationships with other guys here, goes to meetings every day and feels like he’s making progress. 

Not even in a hurry to get back to work now, Bill is comfortable living one day at a time and feels pretty blessed today.

One Blessing at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director