Dan and his Van!

Dan’s an older guy, an alcoholic and a ’13 HUM grad.  While here he decided to go back to college in preperation to going back into the work force.

Last week his van disappeared from the neighborhood.  He spent the day on the phone calling anyone and everyone to find out what happened and where it was – a frustrating day for Dan!

Fast forward to this week.  Dan’s van was stolen, then abandoned and finally towed!  He’s still not sure what he’ll do next.  But the bigger issue for him this week is all that he learned from the experience.

First, he didn’t use – old Dan would have.  Second, he did use his recovery network.  Third, his sponsor and AA network stood with him, offering the emotional and physical support he needed.

But Dan also gained greater insights about himself.  While he didn’t drink and did reach out to his network, he was disappointed with his own attitude.  He really let people, places and things get to him. 

Sorry about that, Dan, but join the club!  I struggle with the same stuff, too.  But it does feel good to be able to see it, face it, deal with it and let it go!  Happy to report – Dan did that, too!

One Dan at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director