Everything I Need is Provided!

Guys actually say this a lot – “I have everything I need here.” I hear it in class and I hear them say it to each other.

Here at Helping Up Mission we try very hard to appropriately serve all the men who come here, but also know we can still do better.  Guys do, too! But, at the end of the day, they know they will be okay.

Mark’s a young guy and in class on Friday he started talking about things he was learning here at HUM. Thursday had been a bad day for him and he considered leaving.  But he knew he was homeless and actually had no place to stay that night.

Mark also started thinking about all that was going on in his life at the moment. He wasn’t using drugs, he had a roof over his head, a bed, air conditioning, three meals a day, a shower, toiletries and clean clothes.

Then there were new friends, new stuff he was learning and even some old stuff he was reconnecting with again. It actually felt pretty good.  Mark realized he did have all he needed – and didn’t leave!

Admittedly that was last week.  But, if he stays focused like this – one day at a time – he will always be just fine.

One Day at a Time for me, too.
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director

PS  Saw Mark this morning – still here!