One Year at a Time!

Today Mo celebrates 4 years clean. It coincides with the date he arrived at Helping Up Mission. After graduation from our 12-month program he stayed here, living on campus and working as a Graduate Intern helping other guys. Next week he moves out to his own place with his daughter and grandson – both of whom have come back into his life during the past 4 years.

This week Ryan celebrates 2 years clean.When he arrived here 2 years ago I had my doubts! A young guy with lots of energy, I didn’t think he would sit still. He did – graduated, started working in the community and continues to live in graduate transitional housing on campus. I sure didn’t see that one coming! Wahoo, wahoo!

This week Tim celebrates 1 year clean. He was here before – got a job and left before graduation. But things didn’t go well, so Tim came back. This time he did things with a different attitude and will graduate this weekend.

I love my job!

One year at a time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director