The Heartbreak of Addiction

Both in my role at Helping Up Mission as well as a pastor in my community, I frequently hear from family members of someone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Hearing the anguish in their voices and seeing the pain on their faces demonstrated the heartbreak of addiction.

In reference to parents’ struggling over their child in addiction, I recently noted that most parents would willingly cut off a body part if it would actually help their child – to which a father replied he would gladly cut off one of his son’s body parts, if it would help! That’s not exactly what I meant!

This week I helped one family from my community get their 40-year old son to detox. Planning to take him to a 12-Step meeting, he was drunk and high so we just took him to the hospital, instead. He later told the nurse he was confused…he thought he was going to a meeting! Lots of confusion back at the house, too. But in tough love, he won’t be back – for his own good!

I recently met with a family as they planned a tough love intervention with their 27-year old son. Dad told me today, they’re telling him to leave this afternoon. Don’t know that their son will cry, but mom and dad will. But its all for his good.

Both young men can get help. Neither wants to come to Helping Up Mission…yet! With tough love from mom, dad and others and the grace of God, they can both find the hope, answers and empowerment that come from spiritual recovery. When that happens, all the heartbreak of addiction will be worth it!

One life at a time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director