We Are Family!

Yesterday I sat at the front desk of our lobby waiting for our neighbor, Rabbi Mintz of Bnai Israel, to stop by with 3 colleagues working for Jewish organizations trying to make a difference in Baltimore. We’ve worked with 2 of them in the past, but it was our first time meeting.

While waiting for the rabbi, I got to see about 30 HUM guys I normally don’t see anymore in class or my office. They are grads or upper classmen working or going to college. I caught up on such good stuff!

Ric now has his HS diploma. Recent HUM grad Bob just got a job (Under Armour!) working with his brother. Shortly he will move home with mom and commute with his brother (who helped him get his job!).

’11 HUM alum, Steve, was here. He lives in the city and works in the community but comes back around all the time – this feels like home and we are family. I think he misses our cooking!

Pete’s recoving from a medical procedure. Brian had one, too, and is back at work on light duty. Dan is waiting patiently(!) for some legal issue to be resolved.

Helping Up Mission is in inperfect place full of imperfect guys – all trying to do better and willing to help the next guy along the way.  I love my job!

One Guy at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director