What a Difference a Year Makes!

On the 4th of July 2013, here at Helping Up Mission the guys had a relaxed schedule of classes, a lunchtime cookout in the parking lot, a great evening view of the fireworks from our rooftop deck and a special evening snack of almost all the ice cream cake they could eat! Everybody could find something out of all that which they enjoyed.

So, in class today, we talked about yesterday and July 4th last year – and what a difference a year makes! Many said lasy year they were with family and friends drinking themselves into oblivion. Others said they were with their families but getting high.  Three or four noted they were clean last July 4th – because they were incarcerated. Many guys said they honestly couldn’t remember anything about July 4, 2012, but they were sure they were drunk or high.

Last July 4th was immediately after the derecho and Larry remembers spending the whole day dealing with its aftermath at work. But he got back to his drug of choice later. Mitch, said he was with his family and being responsible at that time – only to go back to using a short time later.

Mark remembers spending last July 4th on his drug dealer’ couch – because his parents kicked him out of their house. He stayed there till his money ran out and then the drug dealer kicked him out, too! Fred was in the midst of a three-state drinking binge and blackout which eventually led to a DWI arrest and conviction.

It’s a healthy activity to remember from whence we have come and to realize what a difference a year makes!

One July 4th at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director