Bob the homeless master electrician

Bob was a master electrician and had a good job.  He had a family, vehicle, home and great prospects for the future.

But alcohol was also part of Bob’s life and it began to get in the way of all that future success.  Unfortunately, Bob actually started considering all those other things as getting in the way of his drinking! 

You guessed it — in the end he wound up with nothing but the alcohol.  Marriage, family, job and all his stuff was gone.  Bob wound up living on the street. 

But he wasn’t very good at this street life.  And one day another homeless guy took him to a place to get lunch and then suggested he go to Helping Up Mission and join our program!

Bob showed up that night over 2 years ago.  He hasn’t left yet, today living in our graduate housing on campus.  He has his career and family back.  But Bob’s taking the stuff slow these days, because its not as important as before.

Very happy for Bob — and hope his homeless “angel” is doing ok, too!

One Guy at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director