Memory Man!

Chuck is an older guy who has struggled with addiction for years.  When he finally admitted he needed help, he came to Helping Up Mission.

He’s been here about 2 months and had to begin the recovery process we prescribe for all new guys.  That includes neurological exercises to get his brain working like it should again – repetitive, positive, recovery-oriented mental exercises.  Here at HUM those exercises include memorizing things like appropriate Bible verses, the books of the Bible in order and the complete Serenity Prayer.

When Charles heard that was part of the program, he didn’t like it and explained that he was older and had done a lot of drugs and had burned out a lot of brain cells.  I told him that guys who were worse-off than he was did it and I thought he could, too.

Maybe just to prove me wrong, Charles tried.  He learned some verses, then the New Testament in order, the Serenity Prayer and even all 39 books of the Old Testament.  Each time, his big smile made it abundantly clear how he was gaining more and more confidence in his ability.

Charles is becoming a new guy from the inside out.  And he will tell you – anybody can do it!

One Verse at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director