No-show Charles!

Charles’ whole adult life has been plagued by his addiction.  Because of it, he wound up spending 18 years in prison.

After being released, he continued struggling with chemicals and eventually got to Helping Up Mission.  Charles has now been here 6 months and in class this week he spoke about how this recovery stuff is really working for him.

As an example, he noted that he has reconnected with his son.  But his son was supposed to show up at HUM over the weekend and didn’t come.  It ticked Charles off – for a bit.  Then he began to think about all the times in his addiction he didn’t show up for his son, let alone his 18 years away in prison.

Charles decided he would let his son’s no-show go, too!  Real recovery is much more than just getting clean from drugs.  I really do love my job!

One Father-and-Son at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director