Only As Sick as Our Secrets!

Folks in recovery are quite familiar with the phrase “we are only as sick as our secrets.” Our unwillingness to acknowledge our shortcomings keeps us from being healthy and whole.

Lenny was here before, but left prior to graduation. He really did make some changes and did well out there in the community for a while.  But Lenny had never addressed the issues which caused him to drink and drug in the first place and relapsed.

He’s back and is taking his recovery to a deeper level, but Lenny is still struggling. He’s been trying to hide his relapse from his grown kids.

While he’s hiding out, God’s been following him around and spoke to him thru the grown daughter of another alcoholic. She was telling him about her father’s progress and Lenny realized he wasn’t being that kind of guy.

Lenny shared this story honestly with us in class the other day — a key first step. But, to really get healthy, we all know who he needs to be sharing this with, because we are only as sick as our secrets!

Working at it One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director