Who are You and What have You done with Jim?

During the first 45 days of our 12-month Spiritual Recovery Program guys are restricted to our campus. This blackout period is designed for them to let go of all the things out there that have kept them from focusing on themselves. After 45 days ends, guys can leave the campus in the  evenings and on weekends.

Jim, 27, was here in 2011 and left on his 46th day. Since the restriction is the hardest period of our program, I thought that wasn’t a very smart choice! And, unfortunately, on the street again Jim went back to his 10-year drug of choice – heroine.

So 47 days ago Jim showed up at Helping Up Mission again. He seemed different this time. It appeared he really wanted to try this time and did all his work on time as well as started working toward his HS diploma. 

Jim has cut back on cigarettes from a pack and a half to 5 cigarettes a day and now he wants to join the Helping Up Mission Running Team. He sees a counselor and walks around with a smile on his face. I keep thinking – who are you and what have you done with Jim!

47 days and counting — happy to report this stuff works…

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director