Biker Boy Harry

Harry graduates from Helping Up Mission today. He’s a tough guy biker dude and has all the tats and gear to prove it. But all that biker boy stuff was just never able to address the real issues he struggled with in his soul.

Growing up relying on his own wits and fists can only take a guy so far. By the time Harry arrived at HUM he was tired of that being the best he could do — and he was on probation!

But HUM wasn’t a simple quick fix for Harry, he struggled here, too. Not that he wasn’t willing to try — but this place is full of other guys just as screwed up as he is, and his default button always went back to old Harry.

Yet he knew what was out there for him, so Harry hung in here. He accessed all the resources we had available, had lots of talks with many of us and took a bunch of long walks to process information.

Harry didn’t quit. He tried to stay Honest, Open and Willing (HOW) before God on a daily basis — and it worked! He’s not the same guy who walked in our front door.

I’m proud of Harry today. But he and I both know it’s Jesus who made the difference!

One Grad at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director