HUMbug Hallelujah!

At times Helping Up Mission gets hit hard with sickness that we keep passing around to each other. Whatever it really is, we have come to know it affectionately around here as the “HUMbug!”

Mark’s been at Helping Up Mission about a month and last weekend got really sick. He said this hardly ever happens, but this one was bad enough that we sent him to the hospital.

He returned with meds and told me the 3 things the Dr diagnosed. I couldn’t pronounce any of them and Mark said he’s never had any of them in his life! But he took the whole process to heart.

Mark decided it was a bit symbolic – a cleansing of his body of all kinds of junk. For him, it foreshadowed and symbolized the spiritual cleansing that he came here to experience.

I think both processes are working in Mike’s life! He does feel much better today and understands some spiritual value from what he had experienced. May all of us get as comfortable with that same kind of process in our own lives.

One Process at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director