Really Smart Guy & Great Prospects for the Future, But…

Rob grew up with his mother in a middle class home. Mom was well educated and worked in higher education. Little Rob was bright, articulate and certainly on the path to college.

But, as smart as he was, Rob didn’t feel “normal.” He said it felt like everyone else had received the manual on how to live but he didn’t get one! Yet, eventually Rob did find something that helped him feel more normal and made it possible for him to fit in – weed and alcohol.

These chemicals, and a few psychedelics along the way, became a way of life for Rob through high school and into college – Yale! There, he supported himself by dealing drugs – especially cocaine which he swore he would never use.

But you know the story, eventually Rob used his own product and decided to leave school – he didn’t think it was the best use of his time! Using his natural gifts, Rob found work all over the world – Cameroon, Hungary, Austria – but he always took his addiction with him and nothing ever lasted too long. He was smart enough to know this was not the way he wanted to spend his life.

So Rob came to HUM looking for something different. He decided that he really was powerless over his addiction and that he needed help outside himself. Recovery started working for him here.

At one point, he decided to launch out with his new understanding and give it another try. Working overseas again, Rob did okay for a while – but eventually fell back into old habits. Since his best recovery had occurred here, he decided to return.

It’s been 6 months and he’s back to doing what worked for him before and has a great recovery network today. There are many reasons for Rob to be excited about the future, and he knows exactly how to get there – one day at a time!

Same for Me!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director