30 Years Old, 9 Months Clean & with a Girl who Loves Him!

Wes turned 30 on Saturday and celebrated it visiting his girlfriend in the hospital! She’s been there a couple weeks but is getting much better and should be released in few days.

I asked Wes what he did last year on his birthday and he said he could not remember at all – but he knows he was getting high. Then I asked if his girlfriend was in his life one year ago and he said, absolutely not!

Wes has been using for about 15 years and they have known each other for a decade. But Wes’ addiction kept her from developing any kind of relationship with him.

So on a Friday nine months ago Wes showed up at HUM. A master auto mechanic, he heard it was a 12-month program and that he couldn’t work for the first six months and he left!  Wes said he ran the streets that weekend and realized just how bad things really were in his life.

He showed back up on Monday and been here ever since. This nine months is the longest Wes has stayed clean since he started using at age 15.

Things are so different for him now. In fact, when he was eligible to go back to work, he took an internship here, instead. Wes told me that he was going to focus on his recovery this year and get it right, because he still had another 40 years to work in his trade after that!

So happy birthday, Wes, congratulations for being that guy a girl can really love and way to go with your record 9 months clean!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director