Can’t Believe Where I Was One Year Ago & Where I am Today!

Mark has struggled with alcohol for decades. Yet, he also managed to have a successful career in both IT and engineering. But two years ago it all came crashing down under the pressure of career, family and personal life.

So Mark just “dropped out of sight” and began hiding from the world. Leaning on a couple he had helped extensively over the years, along with his accumulated personal resources, Mark stayed on the DL (“Down Low”) from everything and everyone else.

That included the law and a warrant for his arrest because he failed to appear in court over a DUI. At this point, Mark no longer cared. He even made the conscious decision to kill himself with alcohol – but it didn’t work.

So nine months ago the wife of his friend turned him in to the police. They arrested him and Mark wound up in jail for the first time in his life. Things weren’t good – he couldn’t stay clean, lost almost everything, didn’t want to live and now was locked up.

His mother told him to go to Helping Up Mission and upon his release he came straight here. By the time he hit our front door, Mark was ready to surrender to God. He says it has been an incredible journey since that moment.

In surrender mode, Mark’s life has made a huge turnaround. He’s content where he is today and not stressed about tomorrow. Mark’s in the class I’m teaching at Faith Theological Seminary this semester. He said this week, “I just can’t believe where I was one year ago and where I am today! From living on the DL to HUM and seminary! God is the only explanation!”

One Guy, One Year at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director