Doug’s Got Email!

Doug, 48 years old, was beaming in class last week as he announced he just sent his first email! After years of struggling with alcohol, Doug came to Helping Up Mission and has now been here about 5 months.

At the point in our Program when he can go back to work in the community, Doug understands the value of having an email account in dealing with prospective employers. Other guys here helped him get set up “with a password and everything.” He is so pleased!

I asked Doug who received his first email. He said he sent it to his neighbor who helped him take care of things at home and then brought him here to work on his recovery.

Admittedly this momentous occasion in Doug’s life is almost a non-event to the average 12 year old! But its a big deal to him. And iPhone can’t be too far off in his future!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director