His Drug Dealer Drove Him to HUM!

Aaron’s a twenty-something hotshot IT guy. His career progressed to what he called “the big job” which took his skill set and work experience to another level. Aaron married his high school sweetheart and things were looking good!

But Aaron also got into prescription painkillers at an early age. For most of his twenties he was able to keep his addiction under check – until it really mattered at “the big job.” But they told him to get help and that his position was secure.

Aaron did a 28-day rehab, went back to work and used. Then another 28-day rehab, back to work and used again. One more 28-day program and this time Aaron lost his job and his wife!

Now it was full-throttle into his addiction until Aaron couldn’t find or keep any job. Broke and looking real bad the next time he saw his drug dealer, and since Aaron was no longer a good customer, the dealer told him about HUM – and even drove him down here! The dealer said he spent a couple weeks at HUM in the past, himself! 

Grateful for the respite from life’s troubles, Aaron stayed clean here for 8 months but didn’t want to do any real recovery work. He got another very good job and left, only to relapse shortly afterwards and lost that job by the end of the month.

Trying to regroup with his family in another state, Aaron couldn’t keep a job or stop getting high. Tired and ready to try something new, he called HUM to see if he could come back.

Back 6 months with a whole new attitude and focus, Aaron enthusiastically embraces the 12 Steps and works at his recovery with his sponsor. It really does work – if you work it!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director