Monday, Monday – So Good To Me!

Every Monday we share in class some of the good things that happened over the weekend. Yesterday, new guy Bill spoke of his parents who have been seperated for 20 years and he hasn’t had a great relationship with either for quite a while. Mom showed up here to see him on Saturday and dad came on Sunday. It felt real good!

Ryan got off restriction and went home for the first time this weekend. His sister came home from college and Ryan, sis, mom and dad had a great time together. He said, “dad and I did stuff and didn’t argue about anything!”

Henry said he got his 60-Day Clean chip at his NA group this weekend. I asked when was the last time he did 60 clean and he said never on the streets – just while incarcerated.

Then Dan spoke up and said he also received a 60-Day Clean chip at an AA meeting over the weekend. I asked him the same question and he said he had never done 60 days clean since he started using. These guys are setting new records every day when they get up in the morning!

Mondays are inspiring times around here. Helping Up Mission is an upbeat place to be and I like coming to work every day – just not crazy about the traffic!

One Workday at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director