Praise & Thanks to God from Grateful Addicts & Alcoholics!

We have a daily Prayer List in my classes that guys write prayer requests for that day and then we pray for them. There is a new sheet the next day and he can write the same request, something else or nothing that day.

There is also a daily Praise Sheet where guys can note a word of gratitude. Below is what the new guys wrote one day this week on the Praise Sheet. Interesting stuff…

  • Thank you for letting me back in here
  • Thank you for another day
  • Thank you for your wisdom in my recovery
  • Praise God for having me come back to the HUM to get what I need
  • Give praise/pray for karma
  • God, as I understand, – bless me, protect me, love me and bug me!
  • Thank you LORD for helping me realize that I am worth the sacrifice Jesus made for me
  • Thank you LORD for everything you have done for me and everything you have yet to do
  • I pray for me and my lady so that we will be healed
  • Thank you for families and friends
  • Thanks for waking me up this morning
  • I thank you God for waking me up cause I was almost late
  • Thank you for my continued growth and success
  • Praise Him for life today and sobriety
  • Thanks God for opening doors that no man can close
  • Prraise God for what he has provided me and others
  • Thank you for a new life and job

I love my job and the opportunity I have been given to help guys find the daily hope, answers and empowerment from God that I have found. Still Working at it, myself…

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director