Proverb for the Day 31:3 — Momma Talking about Girls!

do not spend your strength on women, your vigor on those who ruin kings.

Proverbs 31 is a series of statements from the mother of King Lemuel and this verse begins her instructions. Like any good momma, she warns her son about people, place and things that are not good for him. In this case, she starts out discussing women. She says focusing on women – even one at a time! – is not a good thing for guys to do.

Momma’s right. The best thing us boys can do for ourselves is to stop focusing on finding the right women – and, instead, start focusing on being the right man! When we are the man we are supposed to be, God will make sure the right woman finds us. In fact, she might even be in our lives right now, but she doesn’t recognize us because we are not yet the man we’re supposed to be.

But beyond women, there’s lots of other stuff out there that can get us off track. And once we lose focus its hard to get back to doing the things we’re supposed to do. I have talked with plenty of guys, inside and outside HUM, who have really messed things up by chasing after things that ruined them.

But there’s good news for those who’ve already gone down that road! The Biblical principles behind the 12 Steps that we practice at Helping Up Mission can take us from where we are to where we’re supposed to be.

The God of the Bible is in the restoration business. He can – and will – do it for all of us.