Monday Thanks in Thanksgiving Week!

Mondays at HUM are special because guys share good things about their weekend. I was away last Monday and I wanted to share what guys wrote that day on the Daily Praise Report. A bit long, but worth a look.

Thank you for helping me sit still
Thank you I talked to my son and he’s coming Sunday
Thank you I’m going to see the dentist and he’ll start working on my teeth
Thank you LORD for a nice weekend with my mother
Thank you for Helping Up Mission
Thank you for changing how I look and deal with situations
Thank you for having others tell me the changes they see in me
Thank you for giving me faith and to be able to stay in your mission
Praise God for waking us all up this morning!!
Thank you for my girlfriend and God for all His power and glory
I thank God for helping me to get closer to Him in my life and for looking out for my mother and sister
Thank you for giving me the strength not to drink!
Thank you, Lord, for a good weekend sober and with my loved ones
Thank you Lord for my life with you
Thank you Lord for my son and my life
Praising God for new life right now!
Thank God for my hearing aids and be there for Zoey
Thank God for all of the blessing He has bestowed on me
Thank you God for all you are doing in my life and to have my wife in my life still
Thank you God for the pathway to happiness, peace and continued recovery in Christ
Praise the LORD for the good news I received and may I do the best I can toward His will
Thank God for new life in a time of struggle Praise God for all the things He is doing in my life Thank you God for another day sober and for bringing my family back around me
Thank you for this place and my loving, supportive family
Thank you for my visit with my son this weekend
Thank you God for blessing me with great friends at the HUM

Happy Thanksgiving Week to all,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director