Thanksgiving 2013: Football, Friends and Food!

Today is the day before Thanksgiving 2013 and the NBC NFL Sunday Night Football bus spent over two hours in our parking lot this morning with close to 200 HUM guys climbing aboard! The bus is a traveling museum of NFL memorabilia and guys got their photos taken inside with stuff. Maybe they’ll even be included in tomorrow’s telecast (see

Pretty cool event for us on the eve of Thanksgiving 2013. It follows a dozen Ravens here for their annual HUM Coat Drive earlier this month, as well as last week’s annual pre-Thanksgiving Dinner sponsored former Raven Bart Scott, assisted by his friend Ray Rice and half a doze Ravens teammates.

What special opportunities for the men of HUM, just because they are here. And its always made clear that it’s not for the staff – I didn’t even get to go inside the bus!

But tomorrow is the main event – Thanksgiving Day at HUM. Dozens of volunteers will take time out of their own holiday festivities to be here and serve dinner to our guys.

Many of our new guys will have their families stop by and eat with them here. A number of folks from the community will also come here for a great meal as well as a warm, safe, friendly place to be for a while.

We are thankful to God for all He has blessed us with this Thanksgiving – and you are one of those blessings He has given us. Thank you for caring and sharing with the men of HUM!

May your Thanksgiving 2013 be a great one filled with football, friends and food, too! But, if it’s not lining up that way, come on down here and eat with us – there’s always room for one more!

Happy Thanksgiving,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director