Ron spent 40 years using drugs and alcohol. Yet, for many of those years, he was also managed to function every day at work.

His chosen career field was a financially lucratice one and, for a considerable time, Ron was able to do a good job and make good money. But he continued to use…and we all know how this story eventually ends!

His addiction finally started overpowering his ability to function effectively on the job. In addition, Ron’s addiction lifestyle also began to take its toll on his health. He ultimately lost both!

While it took a while, Ron finally acknowledged he had a problem and needed help. In his first attempt at recovery during all those those 40 years of addiction, he came to Helping Up Mission. Not feeling the pressure or need to get back to work as soon as he was eligible, Ron just focused on his recovery and work therapy responsibiities here.

Last week Ron graduated from our 12-month Spiritual Recovery Program and is now ready to go back to work in his career field. But his job involves lots of interaction with the public… and it’s now clear that Ron did not take very good care of his teeth during his 40-year addiction run.

So while here, Ron got enrolled in our HUM Dental Program, and they pulled most of his teeth! Consequently, today Graduate Ron is still here living and working on campus a bit longer with his job still on hold. He’s very comfortable with the situation. But when those new teeth show up – look out!

One Tooth at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director