Jesus Rocked Mark’s World!

Mark had a very successful career, even owning his own company. He made quite a bit of money and bought a lot of stuff. It would be hard for anyone to say he wasn’t doing very well for himself.

But his earthly possessions actually did not provide Mark with much real satisfaction. His life felt meaningless and empty.

While Mark was an alcoholic, he still put together extended periods of clean time over the last two decades. Yet drinking or sober, he couldn’t find meaningful purpose for his existence. Early casualties of this struggle were his marriage and family.

Finally, at age 53, Mark surrendered to God. He came to Helping Up Mission last March and the empowerment of spiritual recovery really began to transform his life. But…there was still all that wreckage he had created with his family. 

It took a few months, but his wife was the first to recognize things were different with Mark. While she had long ago moved on in her life, she was happy for him.

Within a few more months, his youngest son – to whom Mark had always been closest – began to accept this new Mark as the real deal.

He made regular overtures to his older son but Mark understood the necessity of giving him the space he needed. Finally, at Thanksgiving, his heart began to open to dad, as well.

They’ve continued communication at an appropriate level since then. Today Mark is so grateful to God for all that has happened to him and these renewed relationships in his life.

He’s very excited to see what’s ahead for him in the future. But the one thing Mark is certain about today – however it goes – God knows what He’s doing and it will be best!