Old Dog Still Gettin ‘Er Done!

Van’s an alcoholic who graduated from Helping Up Mission’s 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program in 2001. After finishing, he stayed on here in our graduate transitional housing and has some work responsibilities on campus.

Then, at age 61, Van decided he wanted to get his high school diploma and he began working with our educational staff here. It took over a year of work, but Van earned his State of Maryland High School Diploma in 2011 – 10 years after he graduated from our Spiritual Recovery Program!

During that same period, Van also began to experience anxiety attacks. A new thing for him, it was almost debilitating. He sought medical attention, faithfully followed their directions and is coping well these days.

Sixty-five years old now, Van continues to walk in his recovery and his very grateful to God and Helping Up Mission for his sobriety and for “saving my life!”

One Day at a Time for Us All,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director