Proverb of the Day 16:8 — Having Stuff!

Better a little with righteousness than much gain with injustice

The focus of this verse is stuff – whether little or lots of it. Most of us are thinking that not having many worldly possessions is not a good thing and that having lots is really great.

Yet, as a young pastor in Frederick, Maryland for 18 years, I visited some of the finest houses in our community. I was actually surprised to find that the people who lived in those nice houses (and drove nice cars) were not as happy and satisfied with their lives as I was.

As Spiritual Life Director at Helping Up Mission for a dozen years, I’ve met a number of guys here who used to have “much gain” to go along “with injustice” in their lives. It’s pretty interesting to hear them say they find themselves more peaceful and content with “a little” in their possession today as they work their recovery and get better acquainted “with righteousness.”

This verse suggests that things, themselves, are not really so wonderful. Instead, there are other immaterial things in our lives (“righteousness” in this verse) which make the material possessions really meaningful. Blessed is the person who has both and can appreciate it all!