Three Strikes & Still Not Out!

Gene’s a good guy and has begun developing a meaningful relationship with God in recent years. When he’s clean and focused, Gene does good stuff. But when he’s not…

This is Gene’s third time at Helping Up Mission, so I’ve gotten to know him pretty well. An experienced electrician, he’s always been able to find work. But after he does, Gene begins to drink again and then loses that job. Before arriving here initially, and each time he left us, Gene wound up living in a tent in the woods.

Yet, each time I see him I can tell he is slowly getting a little bit wiser about how to access a better way to live. I can’t be sure this time it will really click, but Gene is making progress.

No doubt some would suggest that Gene is just not getting it. That it isn’t a good investment of space and resources to continue trying to help him.

I wonder about that, myself, sometimes – and then I think about how pathetic I can be! God works with me as I am, so I guess its appropriate to help another guy who is honestly asking for it.

So Gene’s back and I’m glad to see him. While he signed up for a 1-year program here, the truth is it’s just…

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director