Family — Again!

In my classes on Mondays we always talk about good things that happened over the weekend. Yesterday a bunch of new guys were just very thankful they stayed clean the whole time. One said he was now clean 2 weeks and that hadn’t happened in a decade!

Upper classmen Aden shared how he was pretty messed up with chemicals and subsequent medical problems where he arrived here 50 days ago. His father’s mother passed away and Aden had missed it. They had an unpleasant conversation and that was their last communication. So dad had no idea where Aden has been or what he’s been doing.

Now, off restriction, he decided to call his father. Aden said as soon as his father recognized his voice, he could tell dad was glad to hear from him. They had a great talk and, as he was sharing with us, we could hear in Aden’s voice how meaningful that was to him.

Kenny also shared. He hasn’t spoken with his mother in 3 years, due to his addiction. But his mother’s sister has always stayed in touch and checked on him regularly. She was the one Kenny told when he came to Helping Up Mission and she’s stayed in contact with him here, too.

Now here over 2 months, this weekend he got a call from his mother. She’s so proud of him and was very excited to talk. Kenny was all smiles!

When guys are doing stupid things in their addiction, they still love their families – but chemicals just cloud their thinking and judgment. Families still loves them too, but are not willing accept the status quo. So when a guy regroups his life, it is no surprise to see families back in joyfully reunions.

So Hold On, Don’t Let Go,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director