Jack’s Brand New Smile!

Jack’s drug of choice was heroin. He joined our 12-month Spiritual Recovery Program in 2001 and stayed 4 months. While he didn’t return to his addiction, he did get incarcerated. Now in lock up, Jack still chose not to use, even though there was opportunity. Even upon release he chose to not pick up again. 

Jack stayed clean for over a decade – till 2012. But circumstance in life finally got the best of him and he started struggling with his addiction again – for almost a month. At that point, he decided he needed help and returned to HUM.

Upon arrival here in October 2012, John only had 11 teeth left in his mouth. But that turned into a positive because it helped him stay here this time and graduate from our program, all the while getting the dental care he needed. Of course, the first thing they did was pull the last 11!

This past October John graduated from our Program. He also received a whole mouth full of teeth! He is so appreciative today.

While everything isn’t perfect – there have been some difficulties with his job this winter – his big smile says it all! This Jesus stuff really works. And so do his teeth!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director