Moving On Out!

Alcohol has been Steve’s drug of choice for decades. Yet during this time, he’s also had extended periods of clean time. That was because Steve had made some serious spiritual commitments in the past and it really worked. But life kept showing up and, the bright guy he was, Steve would enevitably attempt to handle it on his own.

His last clean time was 8 years and life was good. He met a wonderful lady, got married and had a beautiful baby daughter. But again Steve…

He struggled with alcohol this time for 3 years. But this time Steve didn’t just lose his job, car and house – it cost him his wife and daughter, too. That was a game-changer for him!

When Steve joined our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program he was a wreck – the family thing haunted him. He cried a lot during his first couple months here and I wasn’t even sure he was stable enough to stay.

But many folks helped Steve, including other guys. Steve began taking responsibility for his choices in the past as well as his attitudes for today. Things – Steve – began to improve!

It’s been almost 9 months and circumstances have developed that Steve is moving back home with his wife. He won’t graduate from our program, but he certainly has the tools and understanding to continue in recovery for the rest of his life.

We think its important for guys to finish their program here, but that won’t happen in Steve’s case. Still, we can count him as one of our success stories. While I like “notching my gun” with another grad, the real issue is that a guy gets clean and changes his life – graduation or not!

Statistically almost 1 of 5 guys graduates here. Anecdotal data suggests another 1 of those 5 guys leaves before graduation but also continues in recovery. We win both ways!

So, Steve, keep doing what you are doing! Keep up your recovery support network and spiritual focus. Get comfortable with doing it all…

…One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director