Roy was Broken…But He’s Way Better Now!

Roy’s a middle-age guy who arrived at Helping Up Mission almost 9 months ago pretty beat up. That included a severe hip injury that caused him to walk slowly with a cane and a limp.

He was pretty beat up on the inside, too. Not so much internal organs, but Roy’s self-esteem and his spiritual condition. He described himself as broken – physically, mentally and spiritually. Quiet and withdrawn, Roy was struggling with depression.

The programs and services of our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program are designed to meet the physical, mental and spiritual needs that Roy had. He sincerely gave it all a try…and what do you know – it worked!

Roy’s been healing up nicely on the inside with the counseling and mental health support he’s received here. His numerous physical injuries and medical conditions have been healing up, also. Finally, at the beginning of December Roy had surgery on that hip.

There’s still lots of bruising from the surgery, but the hip has been fixed and the constant pain is gone! During his first 8.5 months here, Roy hobbled to and from the elevators in our buildings. No more!

I met him on the stairway today. He said “I promised myself that once my hip is better, I won’t take the elevator anymore.” It was obvious he meant it – but his big smile said so much more. Appears to me Roy’s working on something these days!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director