Thank You Help Portrait

Helping Up Mission is blessed to have volunteers with a variety of interests and talents come to serve our residents.  Recently, we were visited by Help Portrait – a group of professional photographers who take one day each year to take portraits of people who wouldn’t be able to afford professional photographs.  The Baltimore chapter of Help Portrait visits Helping Up Mission each year as one of the sights that they serve.

On the day that they come, they take portraits of the men and print them out on the spot so that the men are able to take them home the same day.  The men are encouraged to invite their family members to be in the photo shoot with them.   The whole process is very touching for our program members.  For many of them, this is the first picture that they’ve had taken in years in which they have been clean and sober.   The photo shoot happens in December each year and many of the men use the portraits to give to family members as a Christmas present.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in making this year’s event a success!