Plan – Suicide One Year Ago Yesterday!

William graduates from our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program in a few weeks. Yesterday we were talking about his story and he realized that 365 days ago, he locked himself in the downstairs bathroom of his girlfriend’s house in order to kill himself by overdosing.

As he was getting his gear together his cell phone rang. It was his brother – who just insisted that William help him with a project over the weekend. Before hanging up, he made Will promise he would show. William did promise.

So he stashed his stuff – with a plan to finish this job the night after helping his brother. Turns out that weekend project was a family intervention for William!

They got William to mom’s house for the next few days and planned to send him to a 10-week program in North Carolina. But a neighbor had a friend…who went to a church…where her friend had a son…who just graduated from Helping Up Mission!

Within two weeks William was here, just not happy about it – and never intending to stay. But the truth is William didn’t really want to OD, neither did he want to continue using. And once he stopped using, he didn’t want to start again.

So, this weekend its been one year clean for William. He graduates from our program shortly and has a great job waiting for him after graduation.

Still works…one day at a time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director