Addiction To Ministry – It Happens!

The benediction at the closing of our 2014 Graduation Banquet at Martin’s West yesterday was offered by Jay. He was at Helping Up Mission twice.

The first time, right after his 28th birthday in 2010. He stayed almost 9 months, but Jay wasn’t really ready to do things differently yet and moved on.

Then, 6 months later, Jay was back. That last run was tough on him. This time he did want to do differently. Life situations had changed for him and Jay was no longer satisfied with the way he wa living or feeling. There just had to be more!

So this time Jay got diligent in his spiritual recovery. He did and thought differently. He also created a new set of priorities.

This time, at almost 11 months into our 12-month Spiritual Recovery Program, he left early again – still not graduating. I didn’t think it was a good idea, but it wasn’t my call!

Jay went to work and took care of family responsibilities. He also continued in his personal spiritual recovery walk. The next thing he knew, God opened the door for him to begin working for the ministry of Youth for Christ.

So today Jay works fulltime with teens as they try to navigate their way through life – hopefully without drugs and alcohol! Jay loves what he is doing – he says it hardly feels like work, he says! Spiritual recovery really can make a difference in a guy’s world.