Graduation and Real Life Both Showed Up!

Randall came to Helping Up Mission with an alcohol problem and as part of our Johns Hopkins Hospital Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Program. Guys in that program live on campus with us here, and become part of our HUM family.

After completing his JHH program, Randall transferred into our Spiritual Recovery Program. Already living here 5 months, he settled right in and now serves as an Intern, too.

Last weekend Randall complete our 12-month SRP and received his diploma. His immediate family living in the area was here to celebrate and Randall brought his 5-year old son on stage with him.

This coming weekend Randall will walk across the stage again – in our annual Graduation Banquet at Martin’s West with the entire Class of 2014 graduates. It’s actually a much bigger deal that last weekend.

But none of Randall’s family will be there. Randall’s older brother in New York passed away on Tuesday from a massive heart attack and the funeral is over this weekend.

All his family agreed Randall needs to stay here for his graduation ceremony. They are so proud of him and believe it is the right choice for him right now.

So Randall will spend this Sunday at Martin’s West with the rest of his family – all the guys at HUM and the crowd of 1,500 who will be cheering Randall and the rest of the Class of 2014!