Judge, Mom, Tough-Love Dad & T!

Taylor’s a new young guy in our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program who has struggled with drug addiction for a few years. In the process he’s gotten himself in some legal trouble, as well.

His parents love him – but dad is a pretty tough love kind of guy. They haven’t spoken for a while!

So Taylor has settled in here at Helping Up Mission and is “taking suggestions” pretty well. But last week he received word that there was a warrant out for his arrest over something he had done a while ago.

While I’m sure he thought about running, he didn’t talk that way with me. He knew he needed to face the issue – both because it was the right thing to do and because he know they would find him eventually!

So mom picked him up from here and Taylor turned himself in – hoping for the best, but ready for the worst. There were a dozen people who went before the judge that day and everyone was getting some jail time.

A clean-cut young man, Taylor told the judge where he was doing now. The judge knew HUM and felt like it was a worthwhile societal risk to send him back to finish his program. But if he didn’t…jail time for him, too!

T was pretty pleased and so was mom. Turns out dad showed up, too, and wanted to talk with his boy. Dad said he was proud of his son and loved him.

Taylor’s back at HUM and quite focused – this week! We all know how that goes. We also know how this thing can work out for Taylor….

…One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director