Proverb for the Day 8:34 — You Want a Blessing?

Blessed is the man who listens to me, watching daily at my doors, waiting at my doorway.

This is the last verse of Lady Wisdom’s message in this chapter (:4-32). She said some amazing things about who she is and what she could do for us. She also made some wonderful promises and concludes here with a blessing.

In the father-son context of the book, she makes this offer to “the man who” is willing. Yet the concept is clearly for any and all!

To receive this blessing, we just have to plan on spending time with Wisdom – just “listen,” “watch” and “wait” with her. Admittedly, that’s not as easy as it sounds!

We all spend so much time running all over the place, trying to figure things out and make things happen. Wisdom says just chill out here with me “daily.” This is a one-day-at-a-time operation!

So I need to get comfortable hanging out with Lady Wisdom, staying close – “at my doors” and “my doorway.” It’s as simple as “listen,” be “watching” and “waiting.”

Unfortunately, most of us would rather have her tell us to go and do something! In fact this kind of thinking probably represents a true paradigm shift in our MO (modus operendi)!

We all want to be happy (one of the meanings for the word “blessed”). But the process is pretty simple and God’s Wisdom is very willing to hook us up!