Third Time Really Was The Charm!

This is Brad’s third trip to Helping Up Mission. The first time, although he joined our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program, Brad wasn’t really interested in recovery and didn’t stay long.

The second time he came, Brad knew he needed to work on his recovery but life showed up and he left again. On his third trip here Brad was actually ready to change.

From the beginning, he started doing things differently. Brad also set some reasonable goals for himself and felt good about the plan. He felt even better when he began to accomplish them!

One goal was to take better care of his health and get in shape. He joined our Back on My Feet running team and later a local gym.

Brad also wanted a real career. He got grant money and started working on an AA in Culinary Arts at a local college.

Now three months from graduation, Brad is quick to share how happy he is and how good he feels. After graduating from here, he will stay on campus in our transitional housing as he finishes his college degree.

Brad’s even started making contacts to go to work at one of our nearby restaurants in Little Italy. The brother’s got a plan – and he’s working it!

This spiritual recovery stuff really does works – even if it takes three tries to get it! Just ask Brad – he’ll be quick to tell you how well it’s working for him!

Still One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director