Clean, HS Diploma, Career & College…Not A Bad Year!

Jay was 37 years old when he arrived at Helping Up Mission. A really bright guy with a 14-year cocaine addiction, he had managed to go from running his own business to managing someone else’s successful business to working for someone else to being unemployable!

That’s when Jay decided to come here. Arriving at HUM in April 2013, and already clean for almost 3 months, he wanted to be a different guy. He worked hard in my classes and at his work therapy responsibilities.

Jay also applied himself to finally getting his high school diploma. He had taken the GED pre-test 4 times and passed every time. But he never stayed focused long enough to get around to taking the actual GED test, itself!

He received his high school diploma last July, with a 3030 out of a possible 4000. Turns out, that was really good! Now Jay says he wishes he had studied even a little bit, because he knows he could have done better!

Armed with his new diploma, Jay was hired at one of the local hospitals in January 2014. He graduated from our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program in April.

Jay is now preparing to start college in the fall and is up for a promotion at work! It’s amazing what happens to good guys when they get clean, get focused and develop a meaningful spiritual faith.

One Guy, One Day at a Time!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director