Proverb for the Day 2:2-3 — Go & Get It!

2:2 Turning your ear to wisdom and applying your heart to understanding, 2:3 And if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding
Part of an extended “if-then” scenario from Solomon to his son (:1-5), dad directs his boy toward an exciting, meaningful way of life. It comes from a real God-connection – the “then” part of the equation (:5).
These two verses are part of the “if” aspect of the connection. Developing a meaningful relationship with God includes “turning your ear to.” More than just hearing, this involves actually listening.

It is “wisdom” (seeing life from God’s point of view; see 1:2) to which we should listen. Wisdom offers the most important world-view to which we could expose ourselves.

A meaningful God-connection also involves “applying your heart.” After listening, buy-in is needed. The buy-in here is to “understanding” (realizing how right choices lead to a meaningful life; see 1:2).
Verse 2 can be quiet and personal. Others might not really know what we are doing or how we are thinking. But verse 3 involves speaking up and putting it out there. Sometimes good things in our lives are so long in coming because, while we’re thinking good things, we never step out and act upon these thoughts.
So there is another level of commitment. “Call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding.”
Actually, “insight” and “understanding” come from the same root and carry the same basic meaning. Typically in Hebrew poetry, the same thing is said twice – but in different ways.
The point is that we need to really want this. If so, we will make some noise as we go after it!
We can be the people God wants us to be – hopefully that’s the people we really want to be, too! It’s totally accessible. But we are going to have to get focused and want it enough to seriously go after it!