Woke Up Last Saturday With A Strong Urge To Use…

Ken’s an old addict who’s been using for years. He came to Helping Up Mission’s Spiritual Recovery Program about 5 months ago and has gotten very motivated to work on his recovery.

Last Saturday Ken woke up with a very strong urge to get high. It surprised him because that hasn’t happened since he got serious about his living in recovery. But he really did want to use.

Yet, Ken took a minute to find Donny and they talked about his feelings. Of course, Ken’s not the first addict or alcoholic to get a surprise strong urge to use. They shared their common experiences with these feelings.

Then they took a walk along Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and by the time Ken got back to the campus, the urge and emotions were gone. He felt good again.

What Ken did was so important. He had feelings that he decided he wouldn’t just try to stuff or hide – instead he found someone he could trust and shared them.

Ken also didn’t go off by himself, but stayed with good company. And we all know how this works, his struggles went away and he was okay again.

It’s not rocket science! Just a couple of good choices keeps someone going the right direction. Way to go Ken!

One Moment at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director