Are You Kidding? I’m Great Now…Was Living On The Streets Just 60 Days Ago!

Craig’s been in our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program for 2 months. Off his initial restriction, he’s enjoying the opportunity to leave campus, go to outside meetings and go home with family again.

As we were passing on the stairs last week, I asked him how he was doing and, with a huge smile on his face, Craig responded, “Great!” It was so enthusiastic that I stopped and asked, “Really?”

Craig gave me one of those are-you-crazy looks and said, “Because of my addiction I was living on the streets before I got here. I lost everything.”

In his late 20’s, Craig lost his job and was no longer welcomed where he was living. He felt hopeless! But, wonderfully, his daughter’s mother saw how bad things had gotten for him and refused to let him continue living that way.

“She did an intervention on me,” he said. “I had absolutely no other options and she brought me to Helping Up Mission.”

“It’s been 60 days and I don’t lack for anything here. I’ve developed friends here. And I’ve also reconnected to God here at HUM.”

Craig’s got hope again. He’s also beginning to get some answers for his personal struggles. In fact, Craig has begun experiencing supernatural empowerment which is impacting in his life.

This isn’t the only place in Baltimore where a guy can find help. But it does happen here and when one guy sees it happening for someone else, it gives him hope that he can experience it, too!

I really do love my job…

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director