Wild & Wonderful From West Virginia

Kev grew up in Charlestown WV, was an athlete and a good student. Then he discovered alcohol and never finish 9th grade.

But he had a good career in the construction industry. No surprise, Kev worked hard…and drank hard.

Along the way he fell in love with a woman. They got a house and were doing okay together.

He loved her, but Kev didn’t want to get married. “A piece of paper won’t make me love you any more!” was his mantra. One day, after 14 years together she was gone, along with all the money in his bank account!

Kev took it pretty hard and drank even harder. Now he had trouble keeping a job and eventually lost his house.

Finally, mom had to tough-love him and told him he couldn’t even stay with her any longer. So Kev spent the next 5 years on the streets, doing a daily hustle at the racetrack for enough money to drink.

Finally, last November at age 48, Kevin didn’t think he could handle another winter on the streets. He was even willing to try a place the nurse who checked his blood pressure recommended. Her son had been there a few years back – it was Helping Up Mission in Baltimore.

Kev contacted his Aunt Kay who always kept an eye on him and asked her to help him get here. They did – last year, just before Thanksgiving.

It’s been over 7 months now and Kev will complete our Spiritual Recovery Program just before Thanksgiving this year. He’ll also have his State of Maryland High School Diploma by that time, too!

Next he wants to get certified in HVAC before going back to work. Kev smiles a lot these days. He had no idea life could work out like this.

Still Works…One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director